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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  July 17, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> a string of stickups at convenience stores at two ecologist leaves a man shot in police -- at two colleges leaves a man shot and police searching for the suspect. >> a gas station employee was shot. his boss says he is expected to be ok. they are shipped -- sifting
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through surveillance tape to try to figure this out. >> you want to do your job without worrying about somebody coming in and shooting it. >> the alleged convenience store crime spree started in a bel- air in harford county. just before saturday, police say a man with a gun demanded money from the clark. the clark activated an alarm. authorities say a man runs out of the store with no cash. 20 minutes, they say the guy went into this exxon with that gun and demanded money with a much different outcome. the employee opened the cash register. then the suspect shot the employee and took off with the money. the employee was shot through the arm into through his chest. >> it was real bad. >> three hours later, a 7-
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eleven is robbed at gunpoint a. 40 minutes later, the same thing happened at this royal farms in dundalk. these incidences' may be related to the bel air stickup. >> he has been lucky so far. hopefully everybody keeps an eye out and tries to do that. >> police say no one in the last couple of robberies were hurt. they say they do not have a specific description of the gun man. they hope to release some surveillance images tomorrow. wbal-tv. >> according to the associated press, maryland police took off -- a man took off with his daughter this afternoon. the child is safe after a threat was made on her life. he was caught because someone
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spotted her due to an ever alert. and an unidentified 21-year-old was shot multiple times shortly before 6:00 this morning. anyone with information is furnished to call baltimore city police. a stolen vehicle crash turned deadly as police searched for a second suspect. a man hit by a stolen mercedes has died. two suspects -- police were able to find one of them. >> the police officer said they did find him. his leg was broken. >> the van tore apart and the guy was lying out there. >> police say a man was shot around 3:00 yesterday morning. his condition is unknown. police are investigating what caused a deadly car crash on a high-a 70 this morning.
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it was near the rte. 30 to exit. one person was killed and no other injuries were reported. baltimore county police are investigating a possible robbery just before midnight on the 700 west patapsco avenue. a bus stop of a second victim that had cuts on his chest. no arrest has been made. a drug arrest in ocean city is sending a police officer to a hospital. they tried to arrest this man saturday morning on drug charges. he fled, and when police finally caught up with them, he hit the officer with a car in attempt to get away. he faces several charges. the officer was treated and released from the hospital. we now know the name of a man who died in a small plane crashed friday afternoon. james stay tuned was killed when his glider crashed into trees near the airports in hollywood.
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the pilot was taken to a hospital in critical condition. the ntsb says the glider crashed shortly after takeoff and was disconnected from its telling plane. family and friends will gather tomorrow to say goodbye to a teenager that was hit by a car while walking to a carnival. the funeral for the 17-year-old will be held at st. paul, evangelical lutheran church. the teenager was hit tuesday night as they crossed a highway. the 19-year-old shawn snyder was injured. the teenagers were not using a crosswalk. no charges filed. time is running out of washington. they are counting down the days before the august 2 deadline on the debt ceiling. here is more. >> president obama's tries to find a middle ground in raising the nation's debt limit, and republicans are coming up with their own competing plan on how to solve the immediate crisis and chip away at the nation's long-term spending problems. the white house is holding out
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hope. >> i think they believe the debt will be extended. notwithstanding the voices of the few willing to play with armageddon. >> that is despite a week of contentious negotiations that went nowhere. many on both sides of the aisle have a better player from mitch mcconnell. >> here read and mitch mcconnell are working on an approach to avoid this terrible deadline of august 2 and a default that would drive up interest rates and hurt our economy. >> there are plenty of critics. >> house conservative members are not going to support the mitch mcconnell plan. i will not support it. >> it is a great political plan that takes the pressure off of politicians and allows us to pass the debt limit without making the hard choices this country has to make. >> tom coburn is about to introduce the most ambitious plan yet.
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burdening some $9 trillion in cuts and $1 trillion in tax reform revenue. a tea party republican will get to vote on a balanced budget amendment. it could clear the path to a compromise. in washington, i am brien more. wbal tv news. >> eliza coverings and other democrats believe the big part of the battle is that republicans do not want the president to succeed. >> it pains me to even say that. i think we all, when it comes to the health and welfare of the country, we will need to put politics aside. it is not about us. it is about the 300 million people we represent. >> congressman cummings says if the debt ceiling is voted down, it will be the first time in history. he says he is confident that congress will agree on an extension. homosexual marriages will not be recognized by the military.
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the don't ask don't tell policy was reinstated. the government cannot penalize any service member that is openly gay. the defense of marriage act prevents them from extending medical, housing, and other benefits to gay couples. out of jail and out of sight, anthony is a free woman after being found not guilty of her daughter's murder. but that freedom comes with a lot of skepticism. >> in her first moments of freedom, she made a quick thinker to an officer and an attorney that stood by her side. >> i am assuming that they said, we are going to walk out, see the camera peeper -- people there, and we are not going to stop. we will head for the door. >> the woman acquitted of murdering her two-year-old daughter got a first look at
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this. more than 100 had gathered, many outraged as they watched the 25- year-old walk free. >> she will spend the rest of her life in jail. >> she was followed by two heavily armed officers and climbed into an suv. through have a barricade, it drove out of the jail. from the sky, and news choppers tried to trace her next move. in the dark of night, she slipped away. her attorney says she -- they asked officials to help avert the media. they refused. many wonder if she was on a plane. >> she text did jose and said, is she on a plane. the response we got is that she is safe. >> her attorneys say she has gotten death threats, she has been vilified online, and where
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her daughter's remains were found, there was anger mixed in with the morning today. >> it is a crime that someone has yet to pay for. >> in the may be paying in other ways, for high security. she left the jail with $37 and a few since from her account. some say a movie deal may not be far from behind. pour now, out of sight, but perhaps unlikely to stay out of the spotlight for long. >> are you ready for it to end. >> wbal-tv 11 news. >> a new york community group is working to build a memorial walkway near the site where a young cayley's remains were found. making the tunnel safety. the fire that pushes a week -- lawmakers to rethink things. and the la 405 freeway is open again.
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and another shocking revelation a scandal heats up across the pond. >> the past few days it has been warm and not fairly timid. collier heat and more humidity is on the way. -- more heat and humidity is on the way. it is really warm out there. it is really warm out there. honey, why aren't you playing with your friends?
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>> tomorrow marks the 10th anniversary of a fire that devastated parts of baltimore city after a train derailed on the howard street titles billing toxic acid. in today's for firefighters to put the place out. the city was paid $2 million for
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the damage. the mayor will reflect on accident at a response exercise at the bare wood museum tomorrow. good news for people in l.a.. carmegeddon is official li over. it wrapped up 10 hours ahead of schedule. the freeway was closed all weekend long threatening some traffic delays. residents took the warning seriously and stayed off of the road. >> we could not have done it without the cooperation of the people in this city. it looks like they got the message. they did not get in their cars. they did not leave their homes. >> plans are already under way to close the 405 a second time to complete the phase of highway construction, which will take place next summer.
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and brooks is out of jail after following her arrest a few hours ago. she was taken into custody in possible connection with a phone hacking case. the chief of london police fell under fire for hiring a consultant. he denies any of the allegations. >> we did not suspect the alleged involvement. >> scotland yard forces are accused of accepting bribes for information. u.k. authorities continue to investigate the widespread allegations. "harry potter" has worked his magic one final time. the last installment brought in $107 million this weekend. that is just in the united states. -- $170 million this weekend.
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that is just in the united states. it beat the "dark knight". >> such a nice day today. you may have noticed a little more heat and higher committee. each day, we will add a little bit more to that -- how your humidity. each day we will add a little bit more to that. isolated thunderstorm activity near louisville in kentucky. that is about it. temperature-wise, 91 was the high temperature. and we broke above 90 today. 91 at the airport. '88 is typical. 68 and 74 are the respective lows.
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one of the days, we hit 100 plus. we will add a few more this week. five or six more at least. 82 at college park. 78 edgewood. westminster, 79. it is around 60 degrees in the green shade. an area of high pressure is work -- reaching out to the atlantic ocean to the mississippi valley. the east side of the high is the dry air. the west side is where the warm humid air is. that is edging in every direction. it will be a process going on for the next several days. one interesting note to this is tropical humidity heading this way. we have a tropical storm down in the atlantic near the bahamas. take a look at bret in a few
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minutes. mostly clear skies. 63 is the overnight low. the winds will be calm. tomorrow, is will pick up a little bit. scattered clouds tomorrow, especially toward the end of the day. 91-95 is the high temperature tomorrow. a little bit more humid. air stagnation will bring a code orange a year quality alert. it covers maryland, west of the day, and part of the eastern shore up the i-95 corridor. southwest winds 5-10 knots. bret is a tropical storm developed late in the day. for the time being, it has been moving to the southeast. it only has 40 miles per hour
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winds, and it will go to the north east out over the atlantic. it is not expected to aim for the east coast of the united states. futurecast shows isolated storm activity tomorrow and in the mountains. by early tuesday, we could see scattered storms here and possibly wednesday. then a rain-free forecast for much of the rest of the week. maybe and isolate the storm thursday or friday. the upper 90's to near 100. the humidity will make it quite uncomfortable. >> let us check out record temperatures across the country. 120 degrees in arkansas in 1936. we show you the hottest days state-by-state on our web site, just click on slide shows.
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the u.s. will not be coming home with a trophy. >> stay with it. stay with it. >> friends and family joined together to cheer on the u.s. women's soccer team as they played for the world cup. they were hoping for a good outcome. >> if they win i will probably go home and a jump on my bed. [unintelligible] i will take the penalty kick. >> of japan beat the u.s. for the title that came down to penalty kicks. >> not a great way to in a tremendous sporting event. the orioles are playing well. we have not seen much of that as of late. we will check on the
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>> of the orioles began a three game series with the red sox monday. there may be renewed hostility from a series in boston before the all-star break. winners of 10 days straight for the first time since june 20. mitch atkins start at the game. carlos santana breaking and his
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evil ways. part of back-to-back home runs. they checked the replay to see if it was fair. nick markakis is brought. -- robbed. a double play. 3-run shot bottom of the fifth. baltimore taking the lead. cabrera knew nothing about that. a solo shot. orioles up 5-3. a safety squeeze into perfection. derrek lee scores. the orioles blow out of the indians 8-3. >> i think it is better to have
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a winning streak, even if it is 2. and useke this momentum it against boston. they are a good team. we all know that. they can be beat. we have something for them. >> the united states women seem to survive the toughest test back in the quarterfinals with a miraculous victory over brazil. they set up a world cup final against japan, 18 the u.s. has never lost two in 26 tries. a long ball to alex morgan. barry's the shot far corner. .s. us the game is tied. morgan the cross.
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just four minutes left in the game. we go to penalty kicks. shannon is denied by the japanese keeper. and this shot wins the world cup. it's stunning result. >> unfortunate we cannot pull it out. we made some great saves. we had chances for out of the game, and we did not put them away. >> we will stay in europe where we talk about the population of northern ireland. about 1.8 million. northern ireland is a giant in world golf. this player does a little dance
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to get warmed up. par birdie at 725 under. the irishman slept well -- at 7 to 5 under. this player ties for second minus 2. during the walkup 18, the first nine, he becomes a maker -- major competitor. he finds validation of nowhere. >> if you were to give me a choice of any major to win, this is the one.
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this is the oldest, the biggest, and the best. >> congratulations to geren clark. ryan and newman did the best and then. brian newman is a winner today. -- brian newman is a winner today. today. a check
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